The first uottawa club dedicated to data science and ai


what we offer

More details to come. Stay tuned!


Regular lectures and workshops to provide quality educational content on data science, from data analysis & data visualization and machine learning


Projects will accompany lectures to provide the opportunity to apply the newly learned material, and constitute a projects portfolio. Competitions are also planned.

guest speakers

Guest speakers will be invited to participate in various events held by the club. They may include presentations, Q&As, and networking sessions!

Who are you?

Whether you have a deep knowledge of maths & computer science won't say much about your fit to this club. Instead, there are only 3 requirements.


It's not the first one by chance. The whole idea behind data science is to satisfy one's curiosity. It is to get insights on something (a market, a trend, people's habits, etc...) by handling data that you collect or import.

critical thinking

Now that you've set your sight on a question, and have your data available, you may be tempted to conduct your analysis and call victory. Not so fast. In science, there is always a degree of uncertainty. What if your assumptions are wrong? Did you test them?

basic knowledge

To be successfull in your learning journey, you should know some basic elements of the following fields: Calculus (linear & polynomial functions, derivatives), linear algebra (Matrix operations), and probability (distributions).  Knowledge of Python is recommended

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